XBMC Remote (“XBMC RC”)

XBMC RC is an iOS WiFi remote control software for XBMC. It is downloadable under the following URL: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/xbmc-rc/id464801035

It allows a multimedial control of the media center and does live queries to the XBMC database, so that movies, series or music can get played over the iPhone. Beside the IMDB rating, various lists also contain a cover view or a content preview, if no cover is available. Media which was not played yet, gets marked by the well-known blue dot.

Notice: This Tool requires a valid XBMC (>=10.0 / Dharma) installation available at http://www.xbmc.org in order to work properly. Note that the webserver and the external control of XBMC has to be enabled inside the server settings of XBMC to control the media center. Please also note that XBMC 9.11 will unfortunately not work.

– View and Play Movies of XBMC Database
– View and Play Series of XBMC Database
– View and Play Music of XBMC Database
– Remote Keyboard (For keyboard input inside XBMC)
– Controlling with swipe gestures (So it is not needed to look at the iPhone)
– Controlling with various buttons
– Shutting down XBMC or PC
– See what your are currently playing
– Changing position of the current movie/episode/song
– Change volume
– Eject CD/DVD Rom
– Unseen Series and Movies are marked with a blue dot
– Filter/search movies by title
– Filter/search music by title, genre and artist
– Fanart and cover support





1. Go to the Settings Menu of XBMC

2. Select Network Settings

3. Select “Allow control of XBMC via HTTP” and configure your desired username and password

4. Check “Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC”

5. Check out your IP Adress of your XBMC

6. Type in these information into XBMC RC and you are done


  1. Hi,

    just downloaded your XBMC RC for my Iphone5s.
    I’ve tried to run the program but i was not able to connect the phone to the xbmc.
    I have other apps for xbmc, those work fine as i get them connected to my iphone….
    Maybe you could help me out.

    Best regards,


    • admin

      October 29, 2013 at 2:00 pm


      Thanks for your report. I am going to release a new version within the next two weeks which will be compatible to the new versions of XBMC.


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