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See what’s behind the scenes!

With DeviceStats Pro you get a great application for monitoring (and optimizing) your device performance and showing all your current processes. It also gives you detailed information about your network connection, ram, disk space and more.

The new notification center widget gives you fast and handy access to your ip address, used ram and device uptime. A disk space chart also shows the available space on your device.

The App also monitors the following parameters:

– Used and free disk space with a gauge chart
– Cell and network monitoring (WiFi and 3G/EDGE IP address)
– Memory (RAM) with pie chart
– Current Processes
– Detection and technical data about your installed Apps
– See many technical information about your device including System Uptime, Device Resolution, Carrier Info and many more
– See your external ip address (when you are behind a router)


All Features at a glance:

– Notification Center Widget
– System Info including Device Uptime
– IP Adresses (Cellular, Wifi and Bluetooth)
– Battery and Charging
– Free and Used Disk Space
– Free and Used RAM (Memory)
– Used Memory
– Clipboard Content
– Device Type
– Unique Device ID
– Device Signature
– System Version
– Carrier Info
– Jailbreak Check
– Processor Info (CPU)
– Screen Info
– System Processlist with PID
– Installed Apps

Features of the Notification Center Widget
– Used Disk Space in a pie chart
– Your current ip addresses
– Free RAM memory
– Device Uptime (in days, hours, minutes)

All info fields are copyable to the device clipboard to use it somewhere else.




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